COVID-19 Safety

A strict seller only period will be enforced. As there is just one gate normally used by both sellers and buyers, sellers will only be allowed on site up to 1:30 pm through the normal gate to the sales area. Sellers will be given time to set up without being pestered by buyers. Once the buyers have entered no more sellers will be admitted by the main gate.

Fees have been simplified and we charge just a flat fee of £5 per vehicle to reduce the requirement to provide change. This will mean a potential loss of income but it is felt that this is preferable to having to deal with change. Those who pay with cash will be asked to ‘chuck the money in the bucket’. A money sanitising sterilising bucket will be used for all cash taken.

Due to the amount of space available we do not need to operate a one-way policy in the sale area. Marshals will place sellers in orderly lines at least 1 metre apart and cones will be utilised to identify pitches. There will be plenty of space between lines to enable buyers to move freely in both directions.

Sellers are requested not to leave until the boot sale closes but if they must leave by a separate exit gate at the bottom of the site.

The gate will revert to a pedestrian only entry point once all of the sellers have entered and have set up their stalls. Bollards will be used to divide the gateway between Entry and Exit. The earliest that buyers will be allowed in is 1:30 pm.

Buyers will be requested to ‘chuck the exact money in a bucket’ and no change will be given.

Buyers will be asked to remain at least 1 metre apart on site and use common sense when browsing stalls. It is considered that due to the open-air nature of the site and the large amount of space available, the risks will far be less than that encountered in an indoor super-market.

Use common sense when parking. There is plenty of space and the risks should be no less than parking in a public car park as parking spaces will not be delineated. If necessary, marshals will be used to help with car parking.